Whether it’s a therapy chair, peat pack or irradiator for heat therapy – high-quality products from SCHUPP

SCHUPP is a company with a long tradition and a wide product range. We started into the market more than 75 years ago with extracts and oils made from native plants. Today, aside from products for physiotherapy such as high quality massage products, oil baths or heat packs, we also offer the right equipment – from therapy chairs to red light irradiators, water baths or function lifters to positioning aids and gymnastics articles. Effective quality management ensures that every product reflects our company motto “In good hands with SCHUPP”.

Therapy tables for a large variety of uses

We offer you the right therapy table for nearly all requirements. For instance, the scissor chair “Rubin” is highly flexible due to its numerous variants, while our therapy table “Atlas” can lift and lower up to 250 kg of bodyweight. Our product range also includes mobile chairs, therapy tables and positioning aids which are available e.g. as neck rolls, wedge cushions or positioning cubes.

Massage products – from lotions through creams to aromatic oils

Our massage products have been successful and well-known for decades. Users who favour working with a massage cream and simultaneously value the benefits of our proven massage lotions find a wide selection. Our oil offerings range from neutral massage oils through plant based massage oils to aromatic massage oils which bear the “Controlled Natural Cosmetics” seal.

Note: The products presented here and in the online shop on this site are directed towards expert customers who use them in physiotherapy, medical training therapy or wellness applications. However, if you wish to order oil baths, positioning aids etc. for personal use, please visit our private customer shop.

Therapy tables · Oil baths · Balneology · Positioning aids · Massage products · Medical training therapy · Function lift

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